Have you thought about starting a podcast? My next session of Podcasting in Six Weeks is starting in January. Maybe you want to start a podcast but for whatever reason, you just haven't got around to it? Maybe you thought:

  • Who would listen to me?
  • I hate my voice
  • I'm not a geek
  • I don't know what equipment to buy
  • I don't want to sound stupid

Well many of my clients, students, and listeners thought that too, and here is what has happened to them Because of their Podcast (click player)

I can help you face your fears, and flatten the learning curve at www.podcastinginsixweeks.com

Benefits of Podcasting

Be seen as an Expert (even if you're not)

Reach a Global Audience (My First Voicemail Came from the Other Side of the Planet)

Build an Audience that will buy from you even if you're more expensive, and have your logo burned into their skin (true stories)

Build a Community (there is no spam in podcasting)

Get to Talk to People who you have no business talking to (but since you have a podcast …)

The Podcast Audience has gone up every year since 2004. There were 10 Billion downloads in 2016 and that is just from Apple.

93% of Americans Drive to Work Alone – and your content can be in their ears

1 out of 3 Americans has listened to a podcast.

A Solo podcaster can get started for less than the price of an Xbox

Podcasting in Six Weeks Online Course Starts January 6th

12 Hours of Live Classes Online (Recorded Live every Saturday) ($2400 Value)

A ONE YEAR Subscription to the School of Podcasting  which includes 2 additional hours of live coaching ($499 Value)

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Prive Slack Channel for Course Attendees Only (direct access your teacher – Priceless! )

Priority Email Support (and if needed phone/video)


Current Cost $1499 (or two payments of 800) 

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