I'm taking a page out of the “Bob Baker” playbook. I have a new ebook that is about 80% done. I will be releasing this as an ebook, and I am also looking into putting this in amazon.com.

The book is how I have been able to make money with my podcast. It also has some insights into how other people are making money with their podcast, but primarily it is how I generate podcast revenue.

In following in Bob's footsteps, I'm selling this book before it's finished at a discounted price. When your purchase the book, you will be asked to review each section as they come out. If you comment on all six sections your name, your podcast, and website will be mentioned in the book. You also will be added to the website (a membership site with a one time fee – which is covered by the price of the book).

The book will cover many ways that people can make money, and then go into detail on how I actually make money from podcasting. I'm only allowing 50 people into this beta/editing portion of the process.

If you're interested, go over to https://davidjackson.org