I was going to try and experiment and revert it back to being “just a blog” and deliver the content via pdf into iTunes. I received a few message from people asking to keep it as an audio podcast, so I have decided to do just that. I am expanding the view a bit. Originally designed for “web masters” I need to realize that “real” webmasters are probably hand coding their files, etc. This is more for the solo entrepreneur who is in charge of his website, and is looking for technology to help make their day easier, and bring the more traffic.

I also just moved to a new Dell computer and as of yet I have no reinstalled dreamweaver as I do everything now in WordPress.  As I am in Worpdress all day, I will probably be spotlighting plugins and themes a bit more in the podcast as well. So if you were a fan an unsubscribed because you thought I killed it, Weekly Web Tools is back from the dead.

Check it out at www.weeklywebtools.com