Adam Curry was on Howard Stern this week. Here is a quick run down according to

Former MTV VJ and the creator of podcasting, Adam Curry called in to answer Howard's questions about his Internet fortune. Howard first asked if Adam was calling from his castle–Adam answered flatly: “No, my castle's in Europe.” Adam said the $3 million castle was really just ‘castle-lite,' but it did sit on 32 acres in Antwerp, Belgium. He earned the money from the sale of an Internet advertising company during the dotcom boom: “An Internet advertising company. And I started that right after I left MTV and then sold it in 1999 just before the whole bubble popped. For like $450 million.” After selling the company, Adam invested in a helicopter company–right before the helicopter industry bottomed out: “After September 11th that was real popular.” At one point, he also invested $65,000 in and forgot about it until his lawyer called him with news of a windfall (“That went public and all of a sudden I had $150 million.”)–and was the original owner of When he left the company, MTV tried to sue him for copyright infringement. The case failed and MTV paid up: “Eventually we settled out of court.”


Adam said he now runs a profitable podcast company and had an offer for Howard: “I know it would be a pay cut, but we would guarantee first year $100 million.” Howard was taken back, and Adam laughed: “I talked to Don [Buchwald] about this 10 years ago. He hung up on me.” Adam hoped they could strike a deal, as he's about to lose half his fortune–and his castle–to his wife: “We're separated.” Howard promised to consider it.

As a former Howard Stern listener, I would LOVE if Howard started a podcast. One of the biggest problem with Satelite is when they re-aired the show, I always caught the same hour. I'd hear it on my way to work, on my lunch, and on my way home. I would try to catch the west coast feed, and thet helped. I rarely got all three hours of the show (that I was paying for). Come over to podcasting Howard. Go talk to Adam Corolla, its working for him. You can reach a GLOABAL audience.