This is nothing new for those of you who read and listen to my items about podcasting. Let me tell you a quick story.

A bully once sunk his teeth into my brother when he was a small child. He had been picking on my brother off and on for some time. My Mom had had enough, and went out into the front yard and sunk her teeth into his arm. It was an eye for an eye moment, and the kid left my brother alone from that point forward.

With this in mind, I hate that I regularly meet people online who use Blog Talk Radio, they want to leave, and they have to go through a painful process to move. Consequently, I don't mind being “the guy who hates blog talk radio” because I do. They hurt my my clients. They thrive on new potential podcasters operating in the dark about podcasting. I recently found out something that I just couldn't believe, but it's true.

When you use blog talk radio, you no longer own your own content. See this post in their support forum.

It reads, “Yes.  You can visit all of the features with Premium and Premium plus here:  Pro Account Profiles include all of the Premium and Premium Plus features, as well as ownership to your content, control of your Advertising Revenue, and allow you to monetize your show.

The premium account is $249 a month.

I will add this to my list of things I hate about Blog Talk Radio