The idea of a printed podcast magazine has been "ran up the flag pole" a number of times. Many have tried, and apparently, all have failed.

I think one of the first Podcast magazines was that shut down publication (if I remember) before it even had a printed version.

Another podcasting magazines is Podcast User Magazine who says they will update us next week as they have overcome some technical issues that will alow them  "produce the magazine much more efficiently in the future." The bad news is that post is from January 29, 2008. It apears their last magazine was in November 07.

A late comer in 2007 was Podcaster Who's Who Magazine ( who managed to get out one issue in July of 2007. I felt bad as Bruce had asked me to be a writer, but with my current college situation I just couldn't do it.

Recently I noticed that Blogger and Podcaster Magazine had not published their podcast version of the podcast. When I went to their site, I see where the last issue was the "January/February" issue. Ooops.

An Audio Premium Podcast Magazine

I like the idea of podcast reviews, gear reviews, opinions, etc about podcasting. Why doesn't someone organize this and put it out as a PODCAST? If you want to make money on it – get some really, really, really, good content (cause I'm pretty sure there are plenty of podcasts about podcasting) and then set up an account at Set up and affiliate system for it (to inspire people to promote it), and find a staff to put out regular segments. Get yourself a jingle (for branding purposes) a version of wordpress (to make it easy to rotate ads on the site) and GO. Then again, that dog may not hunt…