Serial Podcast Parody on Saturday Night Live

Serial Podcast Parody on Saturday Night Live

I want to call this a milestone. Podcasting has been mentioned in other shows, newcasts, Orange is the New Black, but to have a staple of television like Saturday Night Live shows a couple of things. Enough people are listening to Serial to make the joke in the first place. If just a handful of people were listening, then this joke will fall flat. To me, this seems huge. Check out the video featuring Cecily Strong (including a mailchimp plug).

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    Small Business Owner? Here is Why You Should Start Podcasting

Small Business Owner? Here is Why You Should Start Podcasting

My good friend Steve Stewart did a presentation on how a podcast can boost your business. Steve is the editor of Podertainment magazine, the author of the Yes You Can Podcast Too blog, and produces a great personal finance podcast called MoneyPlan SOS (give it a listen). His presentation has great information, and a great flow. That’s because Steve can also teach you how to use Screen Flow (a great presentation software for the Mac). Check that out at

Why You Hate the Sound Of Your Own Voice

I was watching a movie on a computer that had speakers on top of the desk, and a sub-woofer. It sounded awesome using both sets of speakers. Then someone had to borrow the sub-woofer, and the audio (while still plenty listenable) was not as good. This is similar to how we listen to our selves.  We hear ourselves through the air (using our ears) but our bones vibrate and add a little more to the sound (talk and touch the corner of your jaw and you will feel the vibrations). Consequently, when you hear yourself without this bone boosting quality, you hate your voice. As someone who has helped hundreds of people launch a podcast I can tell you that %99.9 hate the sound of their own voice. My wife (who I keep pulling into podcasts) HATES  the sound of her voice (which is why she often pulls out of podcasts).

Here is a video from the Today show.

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If the professional voice over person hates their voice – IT IS NORMAL – to hate your own voice. You WILL get used to it.

Here is a more descriptive explanation of what happens when you talk from  Dr. William Cullinan, dean of the College of Health Sciences and director of the Integrative Neuroscience Research Center

The physical act of producing speech, which involves contraction of the muscles of the larynx (and others), creates a vibration that is translated through the neck to the skull where the entire auditory transduction apparatus is. This delivers a second (internal) stimulus to the apparatus. The combination of the two stimuli is what you perceive as the sound of your own voice.  But you are the only person who hears it this way because you are the only one who can produce both stimuli. (source)

When podcasting first started, one of the cool things about it is we DIDN’T sound like “Radio guys” with giant pipes that almost blow our speakers. You are you. Embrace you and the sounds of your own voice. After all, nobody else sounds like you.

Creating Audio vs Creating Content

There is recording audio, and there is creating content. While you are recording audio when you create content, you are not necessarily creating content when you record audio. 

Great Content

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Audello Review – I’m NOT a Fan.

I mentioned before that there would be services that would come into being in 2014 deigned for podcasters. Audello (from Internet Marketer Josh Bratlin) is the latest. It ventured on to the scene with claims that were so outrageous (you can make X amount of money in very little time) that people like John Lee Dumas went “woah”. As a podcast consultant I try to base all my opinions on facts, so last night with hours to go before their early bird special ran out I bought the software.

Today here is what I discovered.

1. Their software for the desktop won’t event run (I’ll put that in another video, I forgot to show it here).  I teach technology for a living, so I don’t believe it is user error. I’ve installed software before.

2. The RSS that the system generates for you to give to iTunes is invalid (per The feed will allow you to manually subscribe via iTunes, but I would not recommend submitting an invalid feed to itunes.

3. One of the “features” is the ability to schedule episodes in advance. This can easily be done in WordPress.

4. The pages the service creates are butt ugly, and they contain a playlist very similar to one you can create in WordPress

5. The sound bar is a unique feature that as bat that floats above your website. It also has the ability to have people click and leave audio replies. This is very similar to ($7 a month).

6. When I imported one of my old shows as a test, many of the details were not imported.

7. One feature is a smartphone app that allows you to record your show. To this I say, see auphonic (free) and boss jock studio. With Boss Jock studio you can record your episode, and upload it directly to Libsyn and have that episode make a post on your website. That’s right, you record with your phone, and it ends up on your website. No computer needed (just the patience to type on your phone or tablet).

One feature that I saw that was different was the ability to put four audio files (basically commercials) and have it rotate the files and track which file worked the best (split-testing). This is for sales. The system really seemed designed with a heavy influence on selling items in your podcast. As the person who authored the book “More Podcast Money” I’m not against making money through your podcast. I just don’t know too many people who would tune into a commercial.

When I bought this on Sunday night (I said Saturday in the video) it said I had less than one day to buy the software. Tonight (Monday) it says there are three days to get the discount. That’s just a lie.

You don’t take your car to the dentist to have it repaired. You shouldn’t let an Internet Marketer try to teach you the ins and outs of podcasting. The reason the price is so expensive? Because his affiliate program at Clickbank is paying 50% of your money to people who promote it. How do I know this? Because I originally signed up to promote this. I used Josh Bartlet’s video tools in the past. He generates a lot of buzz and I thought if the product was good I could promote it. With this in mind, if you want to waste your cash, please use my affiliate link

Audello Affiliate Marketing

John Lee Dumas’ Remarks on Audello


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