Jerry Seinfeld – Half the Time Nobody Got His Show

Jerry Seinfeld was talking about his show coming to

He explains how his show was not connecting with the audience for the first four years. Podcasters are trying to reproduce the Seinfeld model.

  1. You do a show for yourself because its fun.
  2. You tweak it a little
  3. Your audience finds you
  4. You gain their trust
  5. They tell their friends
  6. You capitalize on the relationship between you and your audience.

The audience has a bit of an echo, but it’s got some good insight.

Podcasts App Breaks in iOs 9 – Podcasts App Alternatives?

If you haven’t updated your iOs device to iOs 9, and you’re an avid Podcast listener using the native Apple Podcasts app, don’t upgrade your operating system to iOs 9 (mine apparently did it automatically). They changed some things in the program, and some people are not too happy (they removed the tile view) This doesn’t effect everybody (its works on an iPad, and it may work better on newer phones) but it may leave you asking:

What Other Podcast Apps Are There Besides Podcasts From Apple?

The one I’m playing with this morning (and loving) is Overcast What I like about this is:

60 second skip ahead

adjustable speeds and a feature that actually cuts out long pauses

Ability to sync across different devices. You can even listen on the web and then pick up right where you left off.

What My Friends Like

When I asked Ray Ortega from Podcaster’s Rountable, he said he loved Pocket Casts as did Mike Dell from Podcast Help Desk.

Elsie Escobar from She Podcasts loves Castro .


Power Rant: The Pros and Cons of Podcast Deadlines

I feel bad for people who set unrealistic deadlines and then

  • Stress themselves out because they are unrealistic
  • Make bad decisions because they are operating in “Panic Mode”

Here is an important question to ask:

  1. The world has waited 10 years for your show. Why can’t it wait two more weeks?

I don’t want you to operate in crisis mode, and make decisions that you will regret. With this in mind, I provide you with a “Power Rant.”

No You Can’t Play That Music

I am not a lawyer, and if you want an official answer you might consider checking with a lawyer. This is only my opinion

I’m not sure what is going on lately, but I am getting bombarded with questions (legal questions I might add) about playing music in your podcast. The quick answer in 99.9% of the cases is NO you can’t play ANY part (5 seconds, 10 seconds, etc) in your podcast. Here is what I’ve been told:

  1. You need permission of the songwriter
  2. You need persmission of the performer
  3. You need permission from the rights holder.

So if you wanted to play the song Yesterday, you would need permission from Paul McCartney and John Lennon, the performer (Yesterday has been performed by a zillion people) and the rights holder (Michael Jackson?). With this in mind, have fun getting permission.

We talked about this on the Podcasters Roundtable a while back with lawyer Gordon Firemark (who will also say to contact a lawyer in your area).

Now does this suck? Yes. I do wish the music industry would come up with a license for podcasters to pay and allows us to play music.

Do people still play music in their podcast? Yes. Do people still drive over the speed limit? Yes. This doesn’t mean it’s legal. Playing unlicensed music in your show might get you booted from iTunes (if you create a music show, you should put in the description that you have permission).

There are those who have gone through 9 months of negotiating (Dan Miller of the 48 days to the work you love) and attempted to go through the hurdles of being legal (Coverville). Brian from Coverville will be the first to tell you the music industry doesn’t know what to do with podcasting. Someone in that industry should figure it out.


What About Fair Use?

Fair use is a gray area (only recognized in the US) where if you comment on the music that it might be deemed “Fair use.” Keep in mind, if you get sued you have to pay for legal fees and hope you win your case to prove you had fair use privileges.

Podcasting Legal Guide

A podcast legal guide (written by lawyers who will say contact a lawyer) is available here

What is a Podcast?

Today I created a quick video for those who are asking, “What is a podcast?” I provide an overview. The way this works, is you make a podcast, get listed in “Podcasting Phone Books” like iTunes, and people search for you, subscribe to you, and enjoy your content. You develop a relationship as they know, like, and trust you, and what you do with that relationship is up to you. This is a quick video that just explains what it is, and the power of subscriptions.