Author: Dave Jackson

Would You Spend $5.99 to Save $120?

Last year I was involved with a documentary called, “The Messengers: A Podcast Documentary” and on August 23rd it becomes available in iTunes. We want it to come out at number one. My incentive for you is simple. Go to and preorder the movie ($5.99) and take a screenshot Send an email to me dave “at” (you see what I'm doing there right?) with the subject “I have a message – your name” I will send you a coupon for 4o% off your first six months at the School of Podcasting (or one month if you don't...

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Quit Podcasting Like it’s 2012

Once upon a time, a podcast consultant came up with a podcast workflow. I didn't think it was great advice in 2012, and now five years later it's horrible advice. The advice was to use Feedburner (so you could redirect your feed if you need to), PowerPress plugin for your feed, and as your media host. While the PowerPress plugin is a good plugin, after having a few sites hacked I no longer trust WordPress. I use it, but I always follow these guidelines: Get rid of any theme, or plugin you are not using Keep your site up to...

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RINGR Now Works with Lighting Ports and Offers Discounted Pricing

Ringr has released an update which now means RINGR will recognize a lightning port (so you could use a “Camera kit” and plug your ATR2100 into your iPhone and RINGR will recognize it. They also now give discounts for people who purchase a year in advance ($15/month) For more information see A “Camera kit” (or USB to lightning adapter) is around...

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Podcasting Lessons From The Lead Singer of Stryper Michael Sweet

I grew up listening to Styper and have always been blown away by their lead singer Michael Sweet. I'm currently readying his book Honestly My Life and Stryper revealed I'm only 47% of the way through this book, but there are some great lessons that you (as a podcaster ) can take away. Check out this video below Check out Styper's latest release (super heavy and Michael is still hitting notes only Dogs can hear ) Michaels Solo stuff is equally awesome. Check him out at...

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Who is the Next Hendrix of Podcasting?

This article originally appeared in Podertainment Magazine in 2014, but the questions are still the same (I did add a new paragraph). Jimi Hendrix loved to play the guitar. He took one with him every place he went. He had two passions: guitars, and women. I was watching a new movie on Netflix called Jimi Hendrix Hear My train a Comin’ and it shows some new footage of Jimi at the Monterey Pop festival. One of the things I love about this new footage of the festival isn’t of Jimi. It’s of the audience sitting there with their minds blown...

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