At a post is stating:

“We will no longer be supporting the site as of July 1, 2009. The site will shutdown sometime on or after that date.

We’re sure you’ve noticed that WildVoice has not developed the type of thriving community that a free site on the Internet requires to survive. We’ve finally decided that we will not be continuing. You should take this time to download any of your shows from the site that you may not have copies of.”

I've said it before, and I say it now. When you pay $0.00 for your podcasting tools you get what you pay for. FREE is not a business model (well its not a business model that works). There are so many great tools to host a WordPress blog ($5 month), and to host your media. I'm a big fan of ($15/month)I love their stats), and some people are using Amazon S3. The point here is you can be a podcaster and spend less than $20 a month.

Go look into how much it costs to advertise on radio, newspaper, or billboards, and you will see that reaching a global audience for less than $20 a month is the most affordable way to reach your target market.