I'm not going to name names, but I was just turned down for an interview. I am developing a new podcast called “The Power of Podcasting.” This will spotlight opportunities, successes, etc that have come about due to a podcast. I put a note out asking for potential interviewees who fit the criteria via a service for “media” and have been setting up interviews all day.

On dance company has used their podcast to tell their story and (I guess this is rare) pulled a profit for the year. When I said “This is great, when can we set up an interview?” I was asked about my audience. When I explained it's a new show, but I should get between 500-1000 downloads with my different podcasts promoting it I was told.

“I have to apologize.  I thought you represented a news outlet.”

To this I replied:

“Keep in mind it was a blogger that scooped the story on Dan Rather's lack of fact checking. And it was a single musician who got United Airlines to apologize after their youtube video got over 2 million views (in one week) about how the company broke the musicians guitar. While podcast numbers are up over 45% from last year, story after story shows how “traditional” media like newspapers are going out of business

I am the media.”

We have parted friends (this I believe was a publicist) and I can use anything we exchanged via email.

I want to thank them for inspiring me to make this one of the best podcasts I ever produce.

If you can answer the question, “If it wasn't for my podcast I _______” then I'd love to interview you for my “Power of Podcasting” show (coming September 2009).