As someone who has been teaching in a classroom and online for over 20+ years, at my core, in my DNA, I like to help people. This is one of the biggest reasons I podcast. It's one of the biggest reasons I I blog, write books, and deliver speeches in wonderful cities (see you next month Tampa). So when I saw this video, I was like HELL YEAH!. I love Dave Ramsey. He's honest, and he tells it like it is and he has the stats to backup his opinions.

As someone who grew up poor ( I didn't know it, but I do remember being on welfare). I grew up with a father who was on the road in his truck. We can all come up with reasons to scram boo-hoo. Well I'm here to tell you, everyone has a dysfunctional childhood (and in some cases adulthood). You roll with the punches, or you get rolled. Check out this video. I just hope I don't get a video of Dave some day in a crash.