Greg Fitzsimmons is a well established comedian, author, and Podcaster. recently he made a joke that if someone sent him $10 they could sponsor a spot on his show. Someone did, and he did. The next time he decided to take his spot to ebay. This time instead of $10 he received $212 as the final bid amount. The description of what you receive is:

You've heard of the Fitzdog Radio Podcast, now you can be ON the Fitzdog Radio Podcast!

Receive a short mention on FitzDogRadio Podcast.   You can promote a product or send a greeting to a friend or loved one.
All you have to do is join the bidding war and put up your highest bid on this prime audio real estate. The winner will be notified and then must come up with a short plug, being a sentence or two. Once you have provided your special plug, it will be recorded by comedian Greg Fitzsimmons and aired on the next Fitzdog Radio Podcast.
The beginning bid started at .99 and 32 bids later Greg closed his auction at $212. Not too shabby!