This has been a great past 30-60 days. I've had 3 websites that have been hacked, and this week my gmail for the Musicians Cooler Podcast was hijacked. I've not been able to login. Google is working on it, but its been slow and there is no phone number to call (only email for support).

This is ironic as I recommend that people own their own domain, their own wordpress installation, but I dank the Google Kool-aid and believed that I would be fine. When I first started I announced an email from my domain that forwarded to my gmail account, and later just started announcing my gmail address as my primary email.

If I had continued to use my domain's email account I could've used gmail to check my email. If gmail goes down, I could use outlook, or may other web based systems. However, if there is a problem with Gmail I am at the mercy of google support.

If you are starting a podcast, use your domain's email account (J just made a tutorial that shows how to create email accounts). This way you can stay in control. Amy I complaining? No, after all what are they going to do give me my money back?