Martin's DeliLast night I put a deposit on what will be the future home of the School of Podcasting. After years of trying (and FAILING) to keep my family and business life separate, I'm renting some office space a few blocks from my house. This will:

  1. Allow me to concentrate better and be more productive
  2. Eliminate hours of my wife staring at the back of my head.
  3. Allow me to do more video, set up a green screen without destroying my bedroom.
  4. Allow me to “be home” when I'm home. (kind of a separation of church and state).
  5. Gain 400 pounds as the Deli beneath me has great food, and (I'm doomed) my favorite ice cream (Pierre's Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup, or as I call it “Crack”).

It's a small office, in a quiet neighborhood and I'm really pumped about it.