When I logged into my feedburner account and saw nothing but zeros I though of that scene in Titanic where the guy yells “ICERBERG!” The problem is most of my earlier podcasts I used my feedburner feed to submit to iTunes. Now I need to tell feedburner to look at my PowerPress feed (my personal choice) . The problem is Feedburner offers no way to enter the New iTunes URL code.  So I went in to see what would happen if I deleted the feed from my long gone podcast “The dates from hell show” Here is what you get:

As a courtesy, FeedBurner offers publishers who delete a FeedBurner feed 30 days of complimentary traffic redirection. During the first 15 days of this 30 day period, subscriber requests for:


will be redirected to your original source feed:


During days 16-30, this feed consists of a single content item that reads “This feed is no longer active. A new feed is located at http://datesfromhellshow.com/feed/podcast/.”

After day 30, your feed will be permanently deleted and return an HTTP 404 (feed not found) message. You can use this period to notify your subscribers of the change so they can update their feed readers with your original address.

So Crazy It Might Work

As Feedburner is going to redirect to whatever I have listed as the source feed, my first step would be to input my feed from PowerPress. Why because powerpress allows me to enter the “<itunes:newfeedurl>” information. The part that is weird is I would redirect it back to the exact same feed. Saying, “iTunes so glad you found me, now please update your database to continue to look at me as Feedburner will quick looking at my in 30 days.

Has anyone tried this yet? In theory this could create a loop and cause iTunes to just spit me out after I tell them to look at me, look at me, look at me.