I've used Yahoo.com as my browser's home page for years. Why? Because I always have. It's just been that way.

new-yahoo-logoRecently they have been changing things. More of the articles were entertainment related (I have never look to yahoo for hard hitting news, but if I see another headline about a Kardashian…).

So I am leaving. It seems about 80% of their “Stories” are simple links to other websites. These website are swimming in banner ads. The stories are a few sentences where you need to click, and click, and click (in some cases 15- 30 times) to get through a story. Why? Because every time you click more ads are displayed. They are OBVIOUSLY on some sort of pay per impression program. It is ridiculous.

There is no value.

What is replacing it. I'm taking the customized news page I've setup through my Google account.

It brings me news on topics I choose. (local news on Cleveland, Akron, Ohio where I live, podasting music, movies).

It brings me stories to READ without having to click through 27 pages of banner ads.

Thank you Yahoo.

You have taken a product that use to have value, and thrown it away in the name of making money.

People who do this have a name.