Adam Corrola, Keven Pollack, and Kevin Smith will have their content put on to AOL (15 million viewers a day) according to a Reuters report.

These are guys who have understood the Global reach of podcasting, and have embraced it. It hasn't lead to over night fame (all have fame from acting, movies, comdy), but it has enabled them to embrace their fan base.

Could they have approached a cable station that wasn't appropriate (i.e. Larry the Cable guy on the History Channel) to get a show? Sure. Instead they turned to podcasting, and are seeing success.  No need for networks, movie studios, radio stations. It is all do it yourself.

Kevin Pollack's chat show had 1.2 million views in December. Corolla's podcast generates about a million downloads per week.

As their audience grows, I would argue that they will have a more loyal audience than if they were on TV due to the intimate nature of podcasting. As podcasting continues to grow more and more people are recognizing the power of podcasting. How about you?