The “Gigadango” (as I call it) software that creates mp3 files by dynamically taking wav files you've uploaded and “stitches” together will probably not fall off the face of the earth. The great thing is one of these files could be an advertisement. Then if you changed that section of the podcast chain, it would update all your back catalog. It was awesome.

I had an email exchange with Doug from Podango today. He said there are people who are interested in purchasing the technology that Podango originally purchased from Gigavox. He said it would be coming back as a paid service (after some enhancements are done to the system (like making it work – I was on show 62 and was surprised to see the system stopped uploading my shows 18 shows ago).

They are asking current users what they would pay for the system on a monthly basis.This is hard to answer as is this on a per show basis? Can I sign up and have multiple podcasts under one account? They should create a payment structure based on episodes (as I just moved 30 episodes I would pay to NOT have to do that again).

I would pay anywhere from $10-20 a month per show.

In a live call last night with Cliff Ravenscraft Michael Geohegan of Gigavox said they couldn't do anything with the technology as they had indeed sold it to Podango. As he put it, “If you sell someone a car and they go out of business you don't get the car back (Editor's note: I'm paraphrasing). ”

The thing that makes me scratch my head and play arm chair quarterback, is if the software had been “enhanced” and Podango charged to use the service, could they have avoided this situation?

For anyone who purchases this technology I say make it Amazon S3 compatible and you will be a no brainer.